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I’m a travel writer who hates to travel. Boots and Burgers

At least anywhere beyond the Southwest. I knew Arizona was where I belonged soon as I arrived as a wide-eyed college student. I fell in love with the immense beast of sky, the mountains that prop it up and much to my surprise, the stark desert that scratches it with spiny fingers. I spend my days rambling around this beguiling, bewitching landscape—hiking, camping, exploring, eating, and hiking a little more. Then I write about it all.

Yes, it’s the coolest job in the world. No, you can’t have it.

My third book is on the way!

Boots & Burgers: An Arizona Handbook to Hungry Hikers will be released on October 24. This is my dream book, one that’s been in my head for years. It’s actually a love letter to Arizona, disguised as a hiking and dining guide.

Beyond trail descriptions and restaurant info, I provide suggestions for other local attractions and activities. I add historic tidbits, fast facts, rambling thoughts, personal anecdotes and big dollops of quirkiness. When you spend as much alone time on the trail as I do, all sorts of weird notions ricochet through the old noggin.

Most of all it’s packed with great days, amazing days, my best days. Peel off a few for yourself. Lace up the boots and explore the scenic wonders of this epic landscape. Then unwind in a comfortable hideout, where burgers leap off the grill like trout from a stream.

Want fries with that?