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Hey, I’m hiking 1,000 miles in 2013 and writing about it for the Arizona Republic, describing a few of my favorite trails each month. You can follow along on my Facebook page. I’ll also try to post links to the articles from the Republic here.

February’s story:

Coffee Pot

Coffeepot Rock: Will future generations recognize an old-fashioned coffeepot?









March’s story:


You never know what hipsters you’ll meet on the trail. This is Pico. He’s a Chug, a Chihuahua and pug mix.








April's story:

Hi Butterfly

I ran into this fluttering guy way up on the Hiline Trail.









May's story:


Springs Horse



You know you’re in Arizona when you walk off the trail to find wild horses grazing by the roadside.






June's story:

Veit Springs Couple




Veit Springs is a dazzling trail for fall color, but it’s a beauty in summer as well.






July's Story:

North Rim

A monsoon storm rolls in across Cape Final.










August's story:

Prescott Trails

Centennial Trail was constructed in 2012 to commemorate Arizona's 100th birthday.









September's story:


Half Moon Tank

Halfmoon Tank creates a welcome riparian habitat along the Cochise Trail in the Dragoon Mountains.









October's story:


Watson LakeA series of trails join together to make the spectacular Watson Lake Loop in Prescott.









November's story:


Black Canyon Trail

A section of the Black Canyon Trail crosses the Agua Fria River and rambles into desert foothills.









December's story:


Grand Central Trail

I like to be home for the holidays, so I crossed the 1,000 mark not far from my house.


2013 Trails:


Parson's Trail



Here’s a little recap of my year in hiking. See you on the trail in 2014!